This website provides information about one of the most important sections of one of the most important legislations that has been passed in the history of independent India. Normally speaking, it is unheard of to find one specific website on one section or provision of law. We have seen portals of law; We have also seen websites on specific disciplines of law; We may also have seen some website on a specific law. However, websites on  one section of  a legislation  are  extremely rare.

This website is a rarity which deals with and focuses on the various issues surrounding Section 79 of India’s Information Technology Act, 2000.

India passed its cyber law in the year 2000. This cyberlaw was known as the Information Technology Act, 2000. Initially meant as a law only for promoting e-commerce, the Information Technology Act, 2000 was also a landmark legislation because it provided for the liability of network service providers.

Section 79 of the information technology act 2000 is a solitary section that appears in chapter XI of the said law. The title of chapter is “Network Service Providers Not To Be Liable In Certain Circumstances”. Section 79 established, for the the first time, the legal proposition on the legal liability of network service providers for third party data or information made available by them.

In today’s context, the Internet is replete with information and data, a large portion of which is third party data or information. Websites, and legal entities are dealing with a lot of third party information or data which is made available by them. Technically speaking, third party data  is the data that does not belong to the concerned legal entity but that continues to be either generated, posted, preserved or sent on the computer platforms of the said network service provider or legal entity.

Section 79 assumed landmark significance given the growth of e-commerce, internet as also Social networking. In the last one decade, we have seen tremendous growth of third party data on the internet. Social networking has ensured that the third party data grows by leaps and bounds.

In this context, Section 79 of the Information Technology Act 2000 assumes landmark significance. This section has subsequently been amended in the Information Technology Act 2000, by means of the Information Technology Amendment Act 2008.

This website aims to provide information on various aspects of Section 79 and their ramifications upon the day-to-day business activities of intermediaries, network service providers and all other legal entities who are providing services of any kind whatsoever on the internet or on computers, computer systems and computer networks or on communication devices.